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Case Study

Increasing NPS by 2.5 points by understanding Patient emotions

Adoreboard enables real-time understanding drivers of patient emotion providing actionable intelligence.



Healthscope is a leading private healthcare provider in Australia and patient experience is critical.

With 43 private hospitals and pathology operations across Australia and New Zealand treating 600,000 patients annually with a team of 18,000 people and 17,500 Accredited Medical Practitioners, Healthscope provides care to patients ranging from pathology tests to complex surgery.

Improving patient experience is proven to create better outcomes for patients’ health. Revealing why patients express different emotions like Joy or Anger about patient experiences is key to unlocking these improvements. Adoreboard’s software Emotics enables Healthscope to prioritise action to improve the patient experience based on the themes that drive the greatest emotional intensity. 


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Patient surveys produce significant amounts of qualitative data and without advanced text analysis means that insights remain hidden.

Healthscope receives feedback from 7,000 patients monthly with surveys emailed to patients within one week of receiving their treatment. This significant increase in surveys generates significant qualitative data with patients writing over 100 million characters in feedback. As a result, Healthscope had amassed huge amounts of qualitative data and if unlocked could lead to breakthroughs in new meaningful insights to drive patient improvement. To meet this challenge Healthscope needed to upgrade its insight approach from binary measures such as sentiment or reoccurring keywords to understand patients as people using Emotion AI. 

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Processes the NPS data using Emotics to produce high-quality insights within a much-reduced timeframe.

Adoreboard’s advanced Emotion AI combined with Qualtrics provides a powerful solution for understanding real-time patient feedback. Adoreboard’s platform produces Decision Ready Insights available through a cloud dashboard by analysing 1,000 patient comments in seconds. The result of the analysis categories themes based on emotional intensity making action intuitive and impactful by tackling the issues impacting patients the most.



Faster insights from patient surveys and a significant reduction in time input from senior staff.

Adoreboard’s dashboard has been deployed successfully on an ongoing basis with a key outcome of increasing NPS by 2.5 points to a current NPS score of 83.1.

Key highlights include:

  • During COVID-19, the absence of signage particularly multilingual signage increased patient apprehension by 20% and sadness by 30%. Social distancing breaches were detected by the Emotion AI includes issues around patients concreting around lifts. These two issues impacted 6.8% of patients. In response, the quality and marketing team rolled out innovative signage on social distancing instructions on thousands placemats delivered on meal trays to all patients in a matter of weeks, in 5 languages: Hindi, Spanish, Italian and Simplified Chinese.
  • Detecting the impact of tight-fitting blood pressure monitor cuffs on patients reduces trust by 33% and increases sadness by 88%. Emotion AI by addressing this issue could lead to an 18% increase in its NPS.
  • Detecting the impact of ‘waiting room’ pre-surgery experience for patients which increases patient anger by 79% could be solved with simple changes in providing patients access to personal belongings such as smartphones to remain connected and result in a 16% increase in NPS.


Picture of Jeffrey Woods, National Patient Experience Manager

Adoreboard’s dashboard has been deployed successfully on an ongoing basis with a key outcome of increasing NPS by 2.5 points to a current NPS score of 83.1.

Jeffrey Woods, National Patient Experience Manager

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