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Case Study

Global Insurance firm reduces new recruit onboarding time by 20%

Transforming the onboarding experience reducing barriers to productivity in the first 90 days of employment.

Investment saving

20% reduction in onboarding time for new recruits

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Creation of brand new support processes during induction to increase Joy & Trust

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Reduction in graduate attrition by introducing peer to peer mentoring and collaborative learning



Global insurance company provides high-quality software development services and business solutions as part of its parent company who are one of the largest insurance providers in the United States.

Understanding how new recruits feel in the first 90 days of employee can often determine if they remain after the first year. Insight into any friction points during this period can reduce this potential and enable new employees realise their full potential as quickly as possible.

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To meet ambitious growth targets removing friction points in the employee experience in the first 90 days is key to long term retention and new recruit productivity.

  • Test if the perception of employee experience created through marketing matched the reality for employees once they joined
  •  To keep attracting the best talent, they needed to ensure that every step in the employee experience met and exceeded expectations
  •  Felt they needed to go further than a basic survey and understand employee emotions so that they could place how employees feel at the centre of their decision-making process
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Using Adoreboard’s emotion AI platform, Emotics, the insurance firm was able discover feelings expressed during the first 90 days of employment.

The results showed that topics relating to the onboarding process generated 65% less joy and 52% less trust on average.




Insurance firm took steps to remedy issues identified and shifted to a more human-centric recruitment model reducing onboarding time by 20%.

New approaches to manage expectations of existing employees and prospective employees were designed and implemented. This reduced employee onboarding time by 20%. Lessons from this approach was featured in: Forrester ‘EX Measurement Best Practices: New Data, Sources, New Insights, And More Accountability’

Improve your employee experience with Adoreboard's Emotics Platform