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Case Study

Slack: Driving adoption by understand audience emotions

Enabling Total Media to drive adoption of Slack with insights on customer emotions.

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Differentiation of creative to maximise brand awareness

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Optimisation of messaging based on key emotional responses identified

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A customer journey revealing key moments of joy and trust



Total Media is a behavioural planning agency who advise Slack on its brand strategy as it continues to rapidly grow across the world.

Slack is used by millions of people as a collaboration hub and is the fastest growing business application in history.

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  • Define the messaging strategy for Slack as it expands into new markets
  • Map the customer journey to understand key emotions to optimise engagement
  • Generate higher brand awareness to drive adoption of Slack
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Adoreboard data analysis enabled Total Media to understand the competitive landscape and the customer journey for people seeking to communicate better when collaborating.

The analysis identified the key emotional responses to the Slack brand by understanding the emotional triggers. These Decision Ready Insights formed the basis for creating a brand strategy for expanding into new markets. Ultimately enabling Total Media to create a creative campaign to activate key emotions.

Picture of Phill Palmer, Head Of Customer Experience at Total Media

I would say I am pretty opinionated when it comes to platform choice – we have access to many as a global media agency. When it comes to measuring emotion in Customer Experience, Adoreboard is simply superior.

Phill Palmer, Head Of Customer Experience at Total Media

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