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Case Study

Three Mobile: Increasing brand trust by 53%

Three Mobile increased brand trust by 53% leading to increased sales by aligning content with consumer desires


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42% increase in brand affinity as a result of the campaign

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53% increase in overall trust in the brand

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80% decrease in detractor emotions such as disgust



Established in 200​5​, Three Mobile is one of the largest mobile phone networks in Ireland.

Three Mobile has a 35% market share and two million customers. As a national brand, the company prides itself on providing a world-class customer experience.

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  • To ensure an emotional connection with their customers
  • To develop meaningful content that cuts through the ‘noise’ of advertising
  • To develop a campaign to emotionally connect with Irish audiences that inspire brand love over the busiest sales periods of the year
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Three created an award winning campaign, #ThePerfectSurprise.

They then used Adoreboard’s Emotics platform to measure how emotionally engaged their customers were. Emotics revealed that the campaign successfully interacted with customers on an emotional level, and increased the company’s brand love.

Picture of Cian McDonagh, Digital Marketing Manager at Three Mobile

Adoreboard’s emotion analysis platform has allowed us to better understand how our customers are feeling. This gives us the ability to create content that emotionally connects our customers to create brand experience

Cian McDonagh, Digital Marketing Manager at Three Mobile

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