CX Lessons from Lendlease on its data-driven CX transformation

Tuesday 14th November 10am EST, 3pm BST

Join us for an insightful webinar with Amanda Swanson, Senior Customer Insights Manager at Lendlease, whose team has been at the forefront of the organisation’s journey to collect and utilise customer feedback more effectively to build towards the goal of customer centricity.

At Lendlease, the central objective is to gather and analyse customer feedback from surveys, online sources, and social media to gain a holistic understanding and improve the customer journey.

Lendlease deals with approximately 40,000 responses on a regular basis. Before using Adoreboard, they struggled to process and understand the vast amount of data, and since have seen significant improvements in how they approach their customer experience program. We will delve into practical steps for key takeaways on how you can build an effective ‘voice of customer’ programme.

You’ll not want to miss this – join us to deep dive into Lendlease journey and learn about the transformation to scale their CX program.

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