Future Trends in AI for CUSTOMER Experience

Thursday 14 December 2023: 8 – 9am (PDT), 10 – 11am (CDT), 4 – 5pm (BST)

In an increasingly digitised and automated world, creating genuine human connections with customers remains the top priority for CX professionals.

AI will be a powerful tool in 2024, but will your customers welcome it?

It’s thought that under half (48%) of consumers are comfortable engaging with a brand’s AI, with the top concern being losing human connection (Qualtrics, 2023).

Join Chris Johnston to explore the future possibilities of AI and how it can provide you with the solution to customer retention.

We’ll discuss…

🤝 Human connection as the foundation of a winning AI strategy
💡 Great service over low prices in the battle for customer loyalty
🔗 Digital support is often the weak link in the customer journey
👂 The way customers give feedback has changed – we must adapt!

Better technology + better data = better decisions.


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