Future Trends in AI for Employee Experience

Thursday 14 December 2023: 7 – 8am (PDT), 9 – 10am (CDT), 3 – 4pm (BST)

AI goes beyond being a simple tool. It plays a crucial role in enriching every employee’s experience.

New technology enables frontline managers to understand their teams in real-time, offers personalised insights to address team experience gaps, and empowers senior leaders to proactively manage the risk of attrition.

Join Chris Johnston to see how AI technology like Adoreboard can upgrade the analysis of feedback to provide you with the solution to employee retention.

We’ll discuss…

💡 AI as an assistant vs. AI as a management tool.
💡 Linking AI that empowers HR leaders and profitability.
💡 What your employees want from you in 2024, why, and how to act on the insight.
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