Qualtrics + Predictive Insights = Magic

Thursday 31 August 2023: 8 – 9am (PDT), 10 – 11am (CDT), 4 – 5pm (BST)

Qualtrics + Predictive Insights = Magic

Predictive Insights will transform how you analyse and prioritise drivers of customer experience. 

Using the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, this webinar will benefit Qualtrics users who want to reduce the ‘manual analysis’ of reviewing comments. 

It will provide you with the latest techniques deployed by Qualtrics S&P 500 customers like Amazon, Equity Residential and Allstate.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Turn data collected by Qualtrics into Predictive Insights
  • Upgrade text analysis (Textiq) to predict the drivers of NPS
  • Answer internal questions on advances in AI and how it impacts CX
  • Explore how to move from word clouds to actionable insights
  • Connect the drivers of NPS to bottom line impact

By registering for this webinar you will receive a recording of the webinar and 3 complementary insights on your current CX performance using Predictive Insights.

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