Game of Thrones: The Reaction *SPOILER ALERT*

Three words that have dominated the summer of 2017 are, Game of Thrones. Whether you watch it or not, love it or loathe it, you will definitely have heard of HBO’s popular show. The global phenomenon came to a climatic end on Monday night with 16.5 million viewers tuning in to watch, making it the […]

Top 5 Online Accommodation Websites for Customer Experience

With holiday season approaching, more and more people are leaving in-store travel agents behind and turning to online accommodation providers to get the best deal for their stay. We analysed over 5,000 online mentions of five of the most popular accommodation websites of the moment. Adoreboard’s emotion analysis tool Emotics analyses the mentions to uncover […]

President Trump: One Scandal Too Far?

Donald Trump is in the headlines again this week after a slew of controversial incidents, including Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia and the Comey memo. In summary, ex-FBI Director James Comey wrote a memo following a conversation he had with President Trump in February. Comey claims that Trump told him “I hope you can let […]

Top 6 UK Mobile Networks for Customer Experience

According to Ofcom, 93% of the UK population own a mobile phone. With so many network providers out there competing for the title of Best Mobile Network, providing a great customer experience is vital. Positive customer experience promotes customer satisfaction and loyalty. Those who experience good service, receive good value deals and coverage are more […]


The Big Six: Whose Customer Service Lacks Power?

This week SSE announced that they would be hiking up their prices by 14.9%. With most energy companies doing the same, customers are deciding whether to switch or stick. We analysed the Twitter customer care channels of the companies in the UK to see who provides the best customer experience and which is worth the […]

International Women’s Day: The Emotion Online

International Women’s day took place this week on the 8th March, and people took to Twitter to share their feelings and celebrations on the day. Days like International Women’s Day provide a great opportunity for brands to produce creative campaigns. Big companies such as Nike and Benetton went global with their campaigns highlighting gender equality […]

Which Bank has the Happiest and Saddest Customers?

New research on the level of customer experience provided by UK high street banks reveals that TSB has the happiest customers! TSB, M&S Bank, Monzo, Metro and First Direct are among the best service providers, based on an analysis of emotions contained in Tweets sent to the banks by customers. Our analysis found that M&S […]