Using predictive insights to transform your Voice of Member Program

Wednesday 29th November 10am EST, 3pm BST

Join Valerie Pagan Manager of Member Experience and Operational Excellence of Space Coast Credit Union on how you can achieve deeper insight and actionable insights using predictive insights. 

Space Coast Credit Union, the third largest credit union in Florida, has partnered with Adoreboard to upgrade its text analytics.

With 560,000 customers SCCU receives an overwhelming amount of feedback meaning they have to rely on metrics such as overall Satisfaction Score (OSAT). Upgrading their voice of member programme 

During the webinar you will learn: 

  • How to build a successful Voice of Member programme 
  • Why member comments offer ‘golden nuggets’ of insight
  • 3 actions you can take today to increase member OSAT

By registering for this webinar you will receive a recording of the webinar and 3 complementary insights on your current Voice of Member program using Predictive Insights

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